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WestView News: The Voice of the West Village

George Capsis, Publisher & Executive Editor

Archives of Keith Michael's Monthly Column About Birding in the West Village of Manhattan, New York

Co-starring Millie, his Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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January 2012            So, I Saw This Bird  (Archive Link Missing)

February 2012         The Bird That Wasn't There

March 2012               Archive Link Missing

April 2012                  Archive Link Missing

May 2012                  Birds Do It

June 2012                  Black and White

July 2012                   Archive Link Missing

August 2012             Archive Link Missing

September 2012      Archive Link Missing

October 2012           After a Blue Moon

November 2012       Month of the Sparrow

December 2012       Storm Birds


January 2013             Baby It's Cold Outside

February 2013          Which Isn't It?

March 2013               Goosey, Goosey Gander

April 2013                  They're Back

May 2013                   Stop and Go

June 2013                   Sitting Pretty

July 2013                    Swiftly, Swiftly

August 2013              Nice Catch

September 2013      The Heart Grows Fonder

October 2013           Sweet Dreams

November 2013      Turvy-Topsy

December 2013       Skydiving


January 2014           Sing In the New Year

February 2014         Such a February Face

March 2014             Come See, Come Saw

April 2014                 Sunset Two-step

May 2014                 Loon-y Tunes

June 2014                 Warbler Palooza

July 2014                  Don't Get Me Started

August 2014            Into the Mouths of Babes

September 2014    Quoth the Raven

October 2014          Archive Link Missing

November 2014     Let's Talk Turkey

December 2014     A Bird in the Hand


January 2015          My First Time

February 2015       Rare Bird

March 2015            Look Up!

April 2015               Sing, Sing, Sing

May 2015                May is the New April

June 2015               Think Pink

July 2015                 Street Smarts

August 2015           Now Get Out

September 2015   Free as a Bird

October 2015        Pretty Bird

November 2015   To Talk of Many Things

November 2015   Briefly Noted: Take Me to the River: Released

December 2015    In a Hurry


January 2016         Bird of the Year 2015

February 2016       Winter Wonderland

March 2016            It's a Spring Thing

April 2016               April's Fool

June 2016               Me, Me, Me

July 2016                The Common Touch

August 2016          Night Shift

September 2016   Are You Mocking Me?

October 2016        A Flicker Flew In

November 2016    Bird's Eye View

December 2016     Crash Course


January 2017          Bird of the Year 2016

February 2017        Owl Fever

March 2017             Love is in the Air

April 2017                Inside Out

May 2017                What's In a Name?

June 2017                Nest. Egg.

July 2017                  Out and About

August 2017            Quoth the Raven: Homage to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

September 2017     How Do They Do It?

October 2017          Just a Second

November 2017      Here and There

December 2017      My First Bird Book?


January 2018           Bird of the Year 2017

February 2018        Seeing Red

March 2018             Superb Owl Sunday

April 2018                Loon-acy

May 2018                 L'amour

June 2018                 "...It's Superbird!"

July 2018                   Sunday in the Park

August 2018             Oh, Baby

September 2018      Gotta Go!

October 2018          "Yes, Virginia..."       

November 2018       First Class

December 2018       Not "The Duck"


January 2019             Bird of the Year 2018     

February 2019          Wintry Mix

March 2019               Cutting Edge

April 2019                  Two by Two

May 2019                   Drink Your Tea

June 2019                  Let the Sun Shine

July 2019                   Duck Tales

August 2019             For Every Season

September 2019      In the Catbird Seat

October 2019           Bringin' It Home

November 2019       Visitation

December 2019       My Two Cents


January 2020            Bird of the Year 2019

February 2020          Flyover

March 2020               He Said, She Said

April 2020                  Upside Down 

May 2020                   Corona Birds

                                     Review: American Birds: A Literary Companion

June 2020                  The One I'm With

July 2020                    Reboot 2.0

August 2020              One Good Tern

September 2020       Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

October 2020            Spring Into Fall

November 2020        What's That Face?

December 2020        Tit for Tat


January 2021             Bird of the Year 2020

February 2021           Some Goose

March 2021               Snow Day

April 2021                  Cuteness Squared

May 2021                   The First Time